We help prevent possible musculoskeletal disorders, reduce pain, improve movement quality and recover from injury and/or disease. Physiotherapy at home is well suited for those for whom rehabilitation/physiotherapy is perscribed, but access to a therapist is prevented due to moderate or severe impairment of movement and/or transition function. We have experience working with all age groups, from 3-month-old infants to elderly people. What does (home)physiotherapy consist of? – Individually tailored exercise program to improve disrupted function – Acquisition of functional skills for daily life (such as sitting, walking, independent eating, wheelchair transfer, etc.) – Neuromuscular training – Advice to the patient and their family on necessary aids, patient transfers, and supporting motor development – Passive physical therapy (such as electrical therapy, thermal applications, compression therapy, etc.) – Manual therapy (manipulation and mobilization of joints). The service providers are physiotherapists with a Master's degree (MSc) Ksenia Kurganov and Dmitri Kurganov. More information



Desired payment
55.00 € / hour Or 0.00€
Working experience
7 years