Finding a job under the ad is easy!

If you are looking for new clients, side job or additional orders, then Koguteenused will help you. Our portal is designed to quickly find specialists or search for orders to perform various work. We want every resident of Estonia and the Baltic States to know that on our portal you can always find a suitable master or specialist to perform a job task of any complexity, as well as place an order for the performance of a service that the client needs.

Customers and/or Providers publish ads on our portal, and you can choose the right one for you. Contact the customer / job provider through your personal account, discuss the terms of work or the project, and if there are no questions, just click "Submit an order".

Do you want to get a service or are you a specialist and want to be found?

Move the slider to select the role of the Customer or Provider. Select the field in which you want to publish an ad about services, find an order or a job provider. There are professionals in each field, for example, in "Construction" there are handymen, painters, masons, tile makers, carpenters and many other professionals. Leave an ad with a description of your service and your work experience so that you can be offered a job. You can also write to the customer yourself if you have found an interesting order with a proposal to perform a certain task.

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