A service for finding freelancers and masters

The website “KOGUTEENUSED.EE” was created with the aim of combining all the services provided and in demand in one place. At the same time, we were guided by making the platform to be convenient, functional, safe and accessible in all senses. Our task is to develop the platform, and ultimately provide people with the opportunity to interact with each other as conscientiously as possible, which is why we have implemented a system of verification and advanced qualitative assessment. Also, our system provides a convenient search for professions and specialties by categories using various filters and sorting aimed not to waste time in search of desired specialist or order. Our team is constantly engaged in the development of the platform. You can also give us feedback about the quality of the platform.

In general, the idea of the project is to allow specialists to declare themselves and find their customers, and for customers to find a suitable specialist. Our platform is apt for:

  • businesses and individuals
  • freelancers
  • specialists who are looking for a part-time job on their own
  • customers who want to choose the best expert among the many offers
  • customers who do not want to waste time in search of the right specialist, but want to receive themselves offers on the fulfillment of their order

Where to find a master, a specialist, a customer?

Finding a master in a competitive environment is not easy. Sometimes, there are not enough reviews, or they are not objective enough. So, we have developed a system where users can find reviews about builders, repairmen, IT specialists, tutors and other specialists across Estonia. We want to offer a simple way to find masters on our portal, so that freelancers in Estonia could find local customers and get jobs faster. Also, our portal makes easier finding professionals for ordinary people when they need to find a nanny, a nurse, a builder or another specialist in a competitive environment.

Reliable service for freelancers, craftsmen, individual entrepreneurs and firms

To evaluate service providers and customers, the user needs to pass verification, so you will see only real reviews on our website. In the portfolio of each specialist there is data on his education, work experience, you can view examples of work in photos or videos. Thus, for specialists, we recommend making the most useful ad for the client, because this way you can increase volume of orders and attract more customers.

For customers who have used the services of the portal, we recommend leaving an objective review about the specialist, because this way you will help other clients find a real doer.

We hope that our portal will help you find a job, a suitable specialist or a team with which you can implement your project.