User privacy is one of the key aspects of the KOGUTEENUSED.EE activities.

We strive to take our utmost technical and organizational measures in order to prevent the loss of your personal data, as well as their modification and abuse. KOGUTEENUSED.EE undertakes to store the information transmitted by users exclusively on secure and password-protected servers.

This Confidentiality Agreement contains information on how a user’s data can be obtained from his/her stay on the KOGUTEENUSED.EE website and how this data can be used in the future.

Please note that the provision of user data is entirely voluntary, but in some cases may be necessary to provide the portal services. Consequently, if the user is reluctant to disclose his/her personal data, the KOGUTEENUSED.EE website may not be able to provide the service.

KOGUTEENUSED.EE has the right to amend the Confidentiality Agreement by updating this page. In addition, KOGUTEENUSED.EE may not inform users personally about any changes made. In order to keep track of any changes to the Agreement, we recommend that you periodically review the documents posted on the site.

The KOGUTEENUSED.EE website contains links to other sites and is not responsible for the confidentiality and other agreements of the sites to which it links, as well as for their content and content posted on these sites. While operating, the portal uses cookies placed on the user's PC. Users can delete these files from their browser if necessary.

The Process of Obtaining Personal Data

While operating, KOGUTEENUSED.EE collects and continues to use the following personal data of users:

  • 1. Information provided by the user during his/her registration at KOGUTEENUSED.EE, including name and surname, personal ID code, address, phone number and e-mail address.
  • 2. Data on the use of the Portal.
  • 3. Information about all transactions carried out on the KOGUTEENUSED.EE website.
  • 4. All information specified during registration on the Portal.
  • 5. All information that the user transmits to us in order to use the Portal’s services.
  • 6. Any data transmitted on the KOGUTEENUSED.EE website.

Use of Personal Data

The KOGUTEENUSED.EE portal is entitled to use the personal data of users for the following purposes:

  • 1. Maintaining the stable operation of the web resource.
  • 2. Personalized page analysis.
  • 3. Providing users with access to all services available on the site.
  • 4. Publication of information about users on the pages of the Portal.
  • 5. Provision of paid services to users.
  • 6. Sending statements and invoices for services paid.
  • 7. Execution of payment settlements.
  • 8. Fraud prevention and control.
  • 9. Ensuring comprehensive network security for personal data, information and IT systems.
  • 10. Transfer of personal information of users to various authorities in full compliance with the legislation in force and when judicial or other proceedings are instituted.

Personal Data Storage

KOGUTEENUSED.EE stores personal data of users for the duration of the contractual legal relationship or User Agreement. After the expiry of the User Agreement, as well as after the expiry of the legal requirements under the Agreement, all user data shall be deleted. There are two ways to terminate a User Agreement and delete an account: the first is to log into account and delete it himself/herself, and the second is to contact the customer service at klienditugi@koguteenused.ee.

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How Do We Use Cookies?

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