How to Protect Yourself

KOGUTEENUSED.EE is an information service. The rules for interaction with an executor, payment terms and quality criteria are at your own discretion. To avoid conflict, follow our tips:

  • 1. Check the identity document of an executor or a customer.
  • 2. The executor has the right to reassign the work to another person only by agreement with you. If another person come to do the work, and the executor doesn’t warn you, refuse the service.
  • 3. Discuss in advance with the executor all the details of payment for the service: the exact cost of the work, when necessary – the cost of delivery of additional materials or payment of a house call.
  • 4. Make out a receipt. Record agreements with the executor in writing. If you give him/her money, goods or other valuables, make out a receipt that will remain with you until the work completion. The receipt shall contain:
    • surname, name, personal ID code of the executor;
    • surname, name, personal ID code of the customer;
    • the list and a brief description of the valuables that you give to the executor;
    • term and method of return;
    • date and place of execution of the document.
    Please note that all the terms of interaction with the executor are at your own discretion. KOGUTEENUSED.EE does not advise on the further execution of a deal.
  • 5.If the result of the service rendered can be presented visually, for example, you need to repair equipment, then take a photo before and after the work of a specialist. It can also be helpful when disputes arose and when writing a review of an executor.
  • 6.Even if the deal is successful and without any visible problems at first glance, save the contact information of the executor, correspondence history and all documents related to the payment for the service. This allows you to contact the executor if the problem is discovered later.
  • 7. After a successful deal, the parties can leave feedback to each other. Reviews form the rating of each user. A positive rating is a sign of an honest user.
  • 8. Verify the executor’s business data on the Internet.

Privacy and Personal Data Processing

KOGUTEENUSED.EE protects your personal data. Everyone can see only the username. The customer of KOGUTEENUSED.EE determines himself/herself the visibility of the rest of his/her personal data.

Verified Users

Verification provides the confirmation of the user’s personal data. This ensures the reliability of deals and confirms that the other party to the deal is a real person. The user can be verified through:

  • ID card
  • Mobiil-ID
  • Smart-ID

What Should You Do if Dealing With a Fraudster?

Contact customer support at and describe the situation in as much detail as possible. We will block the fraudster and remove his/her ads from the website. If you were defrauded, file a police report, indicating the username among other data known to you. We do not share IP address information or other internal information with users. KOGUTEENUSED.EE promotes the speedy detection of crimes by providing all the necessary information upon official request from the police.

Customer Service

If you have any questions, the answers to which you have not found from the SUPPORT section, then the customer service will help you. Contact us at