Counseling / translation remotely, smart work / telework or part-time on site. Order translations from different languages ​​into very different languages ​​(Estonian, English, Russian, German, Finnish, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew) and spell check. Prices start from 7-10 euros per page for a regular translation, for legal translations from 15-17 euros per page. The cost of spell checking depends on the volume of work. Translation of contracts, instructions, labels, sales documents, articles, etc. Consultation: product and service design improvement, strategies and tactics for developing the customer base, additional sales, analysis of the implementation of customer feedback and sustainable solutions, and innovation, including in ICT. Writing projects and preparing budgets (experiences at KIK, Archimedes, Tallinn City Government and Development Fund). The first hour includes a communication or meeting to get started and a review of materials and requirements; as well as an estimate of the cost of the work and an agreement on the stages of execution.




  • TalTech
  • 2021 - 2021


Desired payment
10.00 € / hour Or 10.00€
Working experience
17 years